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Maple Breeze Farm

Local + Grass Fed = Farm Fresh
Everything is made with all of our own pork and beef. We know everything our animals have eaten. But more important to us, we know what  they have not eaten!

We have a rare heritage breed of cattle called American Milking Devons. We also have pigs. We hand milk our Devon cows and give the raw milk to the pigs. The taste of our pork is like no other, since our Devon milk is so rich in CLA’s and Omega 3’s. We offer our beef in ground hamburger form only. We also offer sirloin hot dogs; 1/2 beef & 1/2 pork hot dogs; pork chops; pork loin roasts; kielbasa; 3 kinds of sausage; no nitrate hams; ham steaks; traditional hams and bacon.

Maple Breeze Farm
563 East Pond Meadow Road Westbrook CT 06498 US
Phone: 860-399-4611